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  2. For some this selection can be dominated out right from the phrase move, definitely due to the fact you have not the time or the potential to accumulate data out of your clients Philippines email address. However this is a entire misconception, we constantly have time and there are always methods and way to achieve the entirety. As they are saying, 'there is no such things as I can not' Philippines email address. I became continually instructed this as a toddler... 'it's now not which you can't, it's that you don't need and' now that I've grown (a touch!) I completely and completely agree with this statement. Often when we want to do something, we want to do it now. Especially within the international of advertising and sales, time is cash and we embark on one-of-a-kind advertising campaigns as a way to boom ROI and profits Philippines email address. For a small business, or business that has simply commenced out, the concept of gathering e-mail addresses from scratch might also appear impossible because of the reality that they Philippines email address will have very few or maybe no customers but and the time they ought to 'waste' waiting does not prove cost-effective Philippines email address. But, all of us begins from someplace and in order on the way to develop your enterprise to wherein you want it to be, you need to be determined, difficult-running and sincere right from the begin. If your a agency with no on-line advertising historical past by any means or genuinely do not have the resources to do it yourself, why now not outsource and seek the services of a advertising business enterprise, this can at the least be a place to begin Philippines email address. It is plenty extra useful to start off with 10 customers who will reply in your Philippines email address, as opposed to start with a 1,000 e mail subscribers where handiest 10 will reply. In the long term your efforts and persistence will pay off, this shape of natural advertising can most effective cause a strong business with a strong patron base. Check out the benefits in a nutshell Philippines email address: Build a strong and sincere recognition with a purpose to in flip in turn increase destiny sales and product hobby as your customers will get to realize your commercial enterprise and it's products for what it genuinely is Respect your clients and their privacy who will in flip respect you resulting in an extended-time period dating as opposed to a one off liaison. Send Philippines email address to those who are simply interested by you as a enterprise and will definitely reply and interact with youSend Philippines email address to individuals who are genuinely inquisitive about you as a employer and could sincerely reply and interact with you Actually saves cash, effort and time by focusing simplest on folks who will reply for your mail. Allows you to in particular target your marketing campaign as you know your target audience and are informed approximately their hobbies and buying traits Philippines email address. Whether you name them 0.33 birthday party lists or purchased lists, you can not conceal the truth that those forms of Philippines email address do not belong to you. For folks who may have an easy goal-in a position services or products, or need to build up followers quick, this shape of information series might also seem tempting but in our eyes it is merely a short time period approach to a future long term trouble Philippines email address. You may also recognise that your services or products is the high-quality and that to be honest, it could promote on it's very own it's that excellent however the humans on that listing don't know that. Number one you run the threat of having your mail spammed earlier than they even get a threat to examine it and range 2 you need to have more religion for your agency and come up with the money for it the time to build up a consistent and sustainable reputation Philippines email address.
  3. Take me for example, I'd like to think of myself as a professional on-line client, I get Philippines Email List each day from many distinct stores that I actually have given permission to send me updates. I not often check my junk mail container but once I do I will find a few dodgy searching offers that have crept their way in there and they right now get deleted Philippines Email List. I'm a sucker for deals and love shopping, however even I am now not tempted by means of a number of the fine deals from 1/3 events I do not know. I will Philippines Email List however respond to and maximum likely click thru to sites that I know and feature a records of doing transactions with as I opt to seek on my own to discover new shops, products or services. Have a look underneath at a number of the others reasons why third birthday celebration lists are not constantly the manner to head Philippines Email List: First and most important, like myself, many customers may be unresponsive - they do not know you! Waste of time, money and effort - most of the Philippines Email List you ship won't even get opened, it is no longer quantity right here however exceptional that counts You run the hazard of ruining your reputation via pestering capability customers who could have preferred to come locate you off their own accord Philippines Email List. Your open and click on via quotes could be very low and maximum probable you will get spammed Have You Guessed Which One We Prefer Yet Philippines Email List? With so many one-of-a-kind approaches to gather e-mail addresses organically, there absolutely is not plenty factor nor many excuses to having to show to shopping for mailing lists. At the cease of the day the entire point of sending Philippines Email List is to increase ROI and all of us understand that e-mail advertising and marketing gives the highest ROI of all types of advertising and marketing techniques. These things just take time and by means of getting it proper from the begin you'll increase a treasured popularity with a view to closing a lifetime. For any net marketer or entrepreneur, one of the maximum important equipment to have for your arsenal is electronic mail lists, and these can be as simple as a computer file or a database with Philippines Email List addresses. This listing can then be fed into your e-mail patron to be despatched in your potential clients. However, this approach is most effective endorsed if you have much less than a hundred electronic mail addresses, and for any greater, it's miles satisfactory to apply any person of the various e mail advertising offerings, with the most popular one being Aweber. A list of Philippines Email List can help you reduce down on fees that you could in any other case incur from paid postage and no longer to mention concentrated on random recipients. With an Philippines Email List listing, your offers are despatched to a target audience, and ones which can be interested in your product, however the problematic factor is building this type of profitable database. Building two e mail lists is an superb business approach, in which the primary might be a prospect listing, and second may be your customer base. You can manage these lists with Aweber, Mail Chimp or Constant Contact.
  4. Ragnarok has been crashed! UTC Time: 22/10/2020 21:59:37 Local Time: 22/10/2020 14:59:37 EXE version: 2018-10-01 Gepard version: 2020093002 OS version: Windows 10 0x75e09ab2 KERNELBASE.dll 0x64e89863 MSVCR110.dll 0x64eca25b MSVCR110.dll 0x004ea454 Ragnaxe.exe 0x007487c9 Ragnaxe.exe 0x00779ed4 Ragnaxe.exe 0x0077998f Ragnaxe.exe 0x00776ae9 Ragnaxe.exe 0x010cf450 Ragnaxe.exe 0x00a586f3 Ragnaxe.exe 0x00a5a0c1 Ragnaxe.exe 0x7604fa29 KERNEL32.DLL 0x772875f4 ntdll.dll 0x772875c4 ntdll.dll EAX: 0x0019f720 | 0001701664 ECX: 0x00000003 | 0000000003 EDX: 0x00000000 | 0000000000 EBX: 0xccc0c6be | 3435185854 ESI: 0x00000000 | 0000000000 EDI: 0x0112a578 | 0017999224 ESP: 0x0019f720 | 0001701664 EBP: 0x0019f778 | 0001701752 EIP: 0x75e09ab2 | 1977653938 DR0: 0x00000000 | 0000000000 DR1: 0x00000000 | 0000000000 DR2: 0x00000000 | 0000000000 DR3: 0x00000000 | 0000000000 DR6: 0x00000000 | 0000000000 DR7: 0x00000000 | 0000000000 ============================================================================= RST: 0 SST: 0 CST: 0 TCI: 1 TL1: 0 TL2: 3 TL3: 0 PVF_1: 0 PVF_2: 0 PVF_3: 0 PVF_4: 0 PVF_5: 0 PID: 0 =================================== Stack =================================== 0019f720: 63 73 6d e0 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 b2 9a e0 75 csm u 0019f730: 03 00 00 00 20 05 93 19 c0 f7 19 00 48 74 e9 64 Ht d 0019f740: 00 00 00 00 05 00 00 00 00 00 0f 01 00 00 00 00 0019f750: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 be c6 c0 cc 00 00 00 00 0019f760: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 80 f7 19 00 19 d1 27 77 'w 0019f770: 09 00 00 00 7e 94 e8 13 b0 f7 19 00 63 98 e8 64 ~ c d 0019f780: 63 73 6d e0 01 00 00 00 03 00 00 00 a4 f7 19 00 csm 0019f790: 63 73 6d e0 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 csm 0019f7a0: 03 00 00 00 20 05 93 19 c0 f7 19 00 48 74 e9 64 Ht d 0019f7b0: d0 f7 19 00 5b a2 ec 64 c0 f7 19 00 48 74 e9 64 [ d Ht d 0019f7c0: 38 76 e9 64 c4 51 e8 64 00 00 00 00 c4 51 e8 64 8v d Q d Q d 0019f7d0: 00 f8 19 00 54 a4 4e 00 be c6 c0 cc 18 97 4c 08 T N L 0019f7e0: a8 19 03 07 be c6 c0 cc 78 a5 12 01 00 00 00 00 x 0019f7f0: dc f7 19 00 24 f8 19 00 d0 0c a8 00 ff ff ff ff $ 0019f800: 30 f8 19 00 c9 87 74 00 be c6 c0 cc 28 97 4c 08 0 t ( L 0019f810: a8 19 03 07 20 00 44 1d be c6 c0 cc 78 a5 12 01 D x 0019f820: 0c f8 19 00 70 f8 19 00 30 77 ad 00 ff ff ff ff p 0w 0019f830: 7c f8 19 00 d4 9e 77 00 be c6 c0 cc 64 97 4c 08 | w d L 0019f840: 58 a5 12 01 e8 0e c5 00 00 00 16 21 20 a0 ef 06 X ! 0019f850: b0 19 03 07 b0 19 03 07 77 19 03 07 6c a5 12 01 w l 0019f860: 88 79 13 00 08 be 54 00 9a 4e 00 00 58 a5 12 01 y T N X 0019f870: b4 f8 19 00 a8 0b ae 00 00 00 00 00 90 f8 19 00 0019f880: 8f 99 77 00 c8 ed 16 01 58 a5 12 01 b4 6f fb 00 w X o 0019f890: c0 f8 19 00 e9 6a 77 00 10 af 84 04 d8 97 4c 08 jw L 0019f8a0: 50 f5 04 76 56 32 0f 01 f1 f8 19 00 10 af 84 04 P vV2 INIT: 15 : 18 : 0 VSYNC: 1 LL/LLD: 4a/61 FM: 5a8648 TM: 7ef834 LID: 20da PMU: 2f874 CMU: 2f854 ============================================================================= Loaded GRFs: [0] ucore.grf [1] data.grf [2] idata.grf [3] idata2.grf [4] Palettes.grf ============================================================================= Network packet's statistic: s_bytes: 0 bytes r_bytes: 0 bytes s_packets ->: 0 r_packets <-: 0 ============================================================================= ============================================================================= ============================================================================= 0x00400000 0x00cd0000 C:\Games\RO Universe\Ragnaxe.exe 0x77220000 0x001a3000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll 0x76030000 0x000f0000 C:\Windows\System32\KERNEL32.DLL 0x75ce0000 0x00214000 C:\Windows\System32\KERNELBASE.dll 0x6f3d0000 0x0009f000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\apphelp.dll 0x76f30000 0x00063000 C:\Windows\System32\WS2_32.dll 0x76fa0000 0x000ba000 C:\Windows\System32\RPCRT4.dll 0x75f00000 0x00025000 C:\Windows\System32\IMM32.dll 0x756a0000 0x00196000 C:\Windows\System32\USER32.dll 0x75f30000 0x00018000 C:\Windows\System32\win32u.dll 0x75f50000 0x00023000 C:\Windows\System32\GDI32.dll 0x75230000 0x000da000 C:\Windows\System32\gdi32full.dll 0x76a10000 0x0007b000 C:\Windows\System32\msvcp_win.dll 0x76b30000 0x00120000 C:\Windows\System32\ucrtbase.dll 0x75370000 0x00079000 C:\Windows\System32\ADVAPI32.dll 0x75170000 0x000bf000 C:\Windows\System32\msvcrt.dll 0x76ce0000 0x00075000 C:\Windows\System32\sechost.dll 0x76e40000 0x000e3000 C:\Windows\System32\ole32.dll 0x753f0000 0x00281000 C:\Windows\System32\combase.dll 0x76180000 0x005b2000 C:\Windows\System32\SHELL32.dll 0x76a90000 0x00096000 C:\Windows\System32\OLEAUT32.dll 0x76c90000 0x00045000 C:\Windows\System32\SHLWAPI.dll 0x64f50000 0x000e9000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\DDRAW.dll 0x6c810000 0x00035000 C:\Games\RO Universe\binkw32.dll 0x708f0000 0x00028000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\WINMM.dll 0x60000000 0x0005d000 C:\Games\RO Universe\ijl15.dll 0x21100000 0x0005e000 C:\Games\RO Universe\mss32.dll 0x10000000 0x0005d000 C:\Games\RO Universe\granny2.dll 0x6c7f0000 0x0001f000 C:\Games\RO Universe\cps.dll 0x74150000 0x00032000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\IPHLPAPI.DLL 0x697c0000 0x0000b000 C:\Games\RO Universe\CDClient.dll 0x70cd0000 0x00013000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\NETAPI32.dll 0x74c20000 0x0000f000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\kernel.appcore.dll 0x70920000 0x000c2000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\dxgi.dll 0x5e820000 0x00a0e000 C:\Games\RO Universe\gepard.dll 0x6c7e0000 0x00007000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\DCIMAN32.dll 0x77200000 0x00006000 C:\Windows\System32\PSAPI.DLL 0x74c40000 0x0000f000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\WTSAPI32.dll 0x6bee0000 0x00188000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\dbghelp.dll 0x74c80000 0x00458000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\WININET.dll 0x70520000 0x00008000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\FLTLIB.DLL 0x74c30000 0x00008000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\VERSION.dll 0x64e70000 0x000d6000 C:\Games\RO Universe\MSVCR110.dll 0x6c6a0000 0x0008d000 C:\Windows\WinSxS\x86_microsoft.windows.common-controls_6595b64144ccf1df_5.82.19041.488_none_89e6152f0b32762e\COMCTL32.dll 0x68d90000 0x00085000 C:\Games\RO Universe\MSVCP110.dll 0x74ba0000 0x00074000 C:\Windows\system32\uxtheme.dll 0x76d60000 0x000d3000 C:\Windows\System32\MSCTF.dll 0x767a0000 0x0005c000 C:\Windows\System32\bcryptPrimitives.dll 0x6dec0000 0x000ba000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\textinputframework.dll 0x6dc40000 0x0027e000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\CoreUIComponents.dll 0x6dba0000 0x0009b000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\CoreMessaging.dll 0x76980000 0x00087000 C:\Windows\System32\SHCORE.dll 0x6fe60000 0x000de000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\wintypes.dll 0x6db70000 0x00029000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntmarta.dll 0x76740000 0x00007000 C:\Windows\System32\NSI.dll 0x74130000 0x00016000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\dhcpcsvc.DLL 0x6fb70000 0x00052000 C:\Windows\system32\mswsock.dll 0x62e40000 0x00011000 C:\Windows\system32\napinsp.dll 0x62e20000 0x00016000 C:\Windows\system32\pnrpnsp.dll 0x62e10000 0x00010000 C:\Windows\system32\wshbth.dll 0x6aab0000 0x00016000 C:\Windows\system32\NLAapi.dll 0x707e0000 0x00091000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\DNSAPI.dll 0x62e00000 0x0000e000 C:\Windows\System32\winrnr.dll 0x6f720000 0x00058000 C:\Windows\System32\fwpuclnt.dll 0x75680000 0x00019000 C:\Windows\System32\bcrypt.dll 0x6f830000 0x00008000 C:\Windows\System32\rasadhlp.dll 0x03080000 0x00007000 C:\Games\RO Universe\dinput.dll 0x6a720000 0x00047000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\WINSTA.dll 0x74590000 0x00609000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\windows.storage.dll 0x74560000 0x00024000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\Wldp.dll 0x6ab60000 0x0002c000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\dxcore.dll 0x76c50000 0x0003b000 C:\Windows\System32\cfgmgr32.dll 0x63e00000 0x00063000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\D3DIM700.DLL 0x707b0000 0x00028000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\SspiCli.dll
  5. Saya waktu masuk game, kenapa bahasa KOREA...😯 cara gantinya gmn y ? tolong pencerahannya... 😁
  6. GwTry

    Email konfirmasi

  7. saya jg mengalami ini, sudah ngikutin cara instalasi ,masih g bisa
  8. Change Log 28 September 2020 Change WOE Castle to Britoniah 5 Minor bug fixed
  9. Coba masuk ke gmail di HP yg dituju,,,kemudian cari menunya biasaY ada disebelah pojok kiri atas,,,lalu cari kata Spam sbb email balasannya masuk ke situ karena adanya pembaharuan sistem pada gmail saat ini...
  10. 1-15 training ground 15-35 payon field 08 lawan spore 35-55 payon field 09 lawan bigfoot&smokie atau morrooc field 18 lawan muka 55-65 orc dungeon lantai 2 lawan zenorc 65++ lawan high orc 75++ lawan minorus&verit di piramid basement lantai 1 biar lebih cepat lagi pakai Premi 30 D atau 7 Day...terasa cepat skali rebirtY walau soloan
  11. kalo saya ;lho: 1-15 training ground 15-30 payon dungeon level 1 30-45 sand man tempat jadi assasin 45++ High orc
  12. kalo saya ;lho: 1-15 training ground 15-30 payon dungeon level 1 30-45 sand man tempat jadi assasin 45++ High orc
  13. gan ad yang bisa bantu gak , setelah klik game start gk bisa lanjut stuck di gepard shield anti cheat
  14. Bagaimana cara resend ulang verification code di email yang sama?
  15. Changelog 1. Pet Autofeed fixed 2. New Headgears Quest at Universe Headgear Quest NPC - Diadem - Aquarius Diadem - Aries Diadem - Cancer Diadem - Capricorn Diadem - Gemini Diadem - Leo Diadem - Virgo Diadem - Libra Diadem - Pisces Diadem - Sagittarius Diadem - Scorpio Diadem - Taurus Diadem 3. Fix Zombie Novice map. No more sending items by mail while event ongoing.
  16. CHANGELOG - Reborn is ready! Go to the warper and select Special Areas-> Reborn Click the Master Reborn NPC (Please remove cart, pet, and mount) Reborn Requirement: -5M Zeny -Uni Coin 50 -Yellow bijou 50 -Green bijou 50 -Blue bijou 50 -Red bijou 50 You must be Lvl 99/70 of Trans job - Add divine aura to npc Aura Master - Add WSP and Blue Pot for PVP only (Vending machine located in mid prontera left side) - Fixing item info of gremlin egg
  17. Changelog - Fixing Daily Login - Fixing mushroom event to 3hour / event
  18. quest mau ubah job jadi knight di suruh tunggu di waiting room untuk test tapi gak ada wating roomnya..
  19. Coba masuk ke gmail di HP yg dituju,,,kemudian cari menunya biasaY ada disebelah pojok kiri atas,,,lalu cari kata Spam sbb email balasannya masuk ke situ karena adanya pembaharuan sistem pada gmail saat ini....
  20. Halo GM, saya tidak menerima confirmasi kode untuk registrasi. sudah saya coba untuk mengirim ulang kode konfirmasi, tapi tetap tidak ada email masuk dari RO Universe untuk kode konfirmasi. tolong segera di kirim ya
  21. Changelog 29 June 2020 - add Autodonate feature - fixing WB rewards - fixing ET MVP drops low chance - add Enriched Oridecon and Enriched Elunium in NPC Premium
  22. Changelog GamePlay Sniper Card: Can use skill Improve Concentration Lvl.3 DEX+1 AGI+5 Fixing Slim White Potion weight Disable branch on alde_gld Map Add New Map Main Office Gacha Add IM Gacha Box v2 Remove Gacha Zeny Box v2 NPC Move Jobmaster, ResetNPC to main office Donation NPC, Brochure Girl Add Legendarysmith & Legendary Crafter Costume Trader Update Aura Master (Red Aura Sheen) Universe Battle Content Add Legendarysmith Essence for 100% Guarante Refine Patch Legendarysmith Essence
  23. Beberapa jam lalu main gak masalah pakai internet hape alias tethering, cuman pas pindah ke rumah pake wifi kenapa jadi failed terus ya.. terus pas dicoba lagi ngestuck di "attemp to connect patch server".. Mohon bantuannya.
  24. pakai koneksi apa kak? Hotspot Telkomsel? Kalau Hotspot Telkomsel, coba ganti koneksi yg lain kak, saya sering seperti itu..
  25. di reject oleh server ketika login dengan serever smooth. ,mohon penjelasannya
  26. Kak bole ada patch atau sesuatu untuk handle client saya yg dimainkan di OS Linux via Wine? saat ini klo di screen ada user yg pake costum sayap yg meriah2 pasti crash. di client saya emang gk bisa trilenear filtering jdi sepertinya klo ada efek2 yang ajaib2 emang bakal broken mohon bantuan nya ya
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