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  1. Hi, my name is Deni my IGN is Maleakhie. I am Indonesian. Short intro, this pandemic is really sucks, so I'm playing online game when in quarantine mode. I used to play in many RO private servers. I fall in love and use Creator for years. Once in 2015. Believe it or not. I appointed to be a GM in RebirthRO for like a year, and I quitted after I got a job in multinational company. Do you guys know the guild called CHKNFOOT? No? Well I was there playing WoE (war of emperium) as core team member. My aim in this game is focused solely for WOE. I cannot succeed if I don't have strong team member to back me up. So, please if you are forming a guild especially for WoE, count me in. Thank you.
  2. Hey, Can you please allow multiple windows for RO clients? What i can see here, players can only allowed to open just 2 tabs. We need more than that. Allowing multiple windows to open can make players here comfortable when hunting and leveling. And by doing that, you can also boost server login population too, so new players will come if you got many players login. I played much private RO servers back in the day. Trust me on this one. Thanks.
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