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Ragnaverse World Boss Event


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Greetings, Ragnaverse Adventurers!

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming Ragnaverse World Boss Event, a thrilling challenge that will put your skills and teamwork to the test! The World Boss Event is a unique opportunity for all players to come together and take on a formidable adversary while earning exclusive rewards.

Event Details:

  • Trigger Condition: When the player community successfully eliminates a total of 200 MVPs, the World Boss Event will be activated.

Event Mechanics:

  • The World Boss Event is a free-for-all battle, where players from across the Ragnaverse can participate.
  • The boss's strength and abilities will scale with the number of participants, so gather your friends and allies to maximize your chances of victory.
  • The event will be intense, with powerful attacks and unique mechanics that require careful coordination and strategy.
  • Exclusive Rewards:

World Boss Drops

  • C Mystic Golden Baphomet Horns
  • Crown
  • Majestic Goat
  • Spiky Band
  • Coronet
  • Pole Axe
  • Hunting Spear
  • Emblem of The Sun God
  • Fragments of Valkyrie

Participating in the World Boss Event grants you a chance to earn rare and valuable items, including Blue Print Headgears, Blue Print Costumes, and other elusive loots that are essential for various quests and crafting purposes.
These exclusive rewards are only available during the World Boss Event, making it a must-attend for every adventurer seeking to upgrade their gear and outfits.

List of Rewards and Loots

  • 3 Days Rental Costume MvP to the Killer ( Middle Costume )
    Additional 1,000 Weight Limit
    MaxHP 5%
    MaxSP 5%
    Receive 30% less damage from Boss monster
    Increase damage on Boss monster by 30%
  • 3x Bloody Branch

When the World Boss Event is active, simply gather your party, head to the designated event location, and prepare for the ultimate showdown!
We encourage all Ragnaverse adventurers to work together to achieve the MVP kill count required to trigger this epic event. Team up, strategize, and gear up for the battle of a lifetime!

Remember, this is your chance to obtain coveted items and take on a challenging boss encounter with fellow adventurers. Don't miss out on the Ragnaverse World Boss Event—mark your calendars and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime!

Stay tuned for more details and event announcements as we get closer to the next World Boss Event. Get ready to dive into the action and prove your mettle in the Ragnaverse!

Best of luck, adventurers! May your weapons strike true and your teamwork be unwavering!


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