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Patch Notes #2


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Server Updates

  • You can sell all loots at only 20% of their selling price
  • Fixed Autoattack Timer wherein it should now properly display remaining time even after 12mn server reset.
  • Autoattack will still continue to run if enable after server reset every 12mn.
  • Fixed Autoattack skill delay wherein by default it has no delay due to bypassing client side animation delay. Since autoattack is Server side.
  • Added Megaphone to Premium Zeny Shop
  • Market Place is now live at https://ragnaverse.com/marketplace
  • Equipment's, Cards, Premium Items are only tradeable through our Market Place via Mithril Ore Only
  • Implemented Artifact System AKA Blue Print. More updates on this soon.
  • Trading Zeny will have 10% Tax in game and through Vending
  • Fixed Random Option on Forged Weapon, It should now accurately display statistics for all forged weapons.
  • Implemented Stylist NPC and will cost 250k Zeny.
  • Implemented Zeny Ranking NPC in Game.
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