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CBT Tester Challenge - Explore Game Features and Uncover Server Secrets!


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Greetings Adventurers,

We are delighted to present the CBT Tester Event, designed with the sole purpose of extensively testing the features within our game and providing you with an opportunity to delve deeper into the intricacies of our server. Your participation in this event is not only a chance to showcase your skills but also a valuable opportunity for us to gather insights and refine our server features.

As a CBT tester, your role is pivotal in helping us enhance the overall gaming experience. Dive into the challenges, complete the tasks, and be part of the journey to uncover the secrets that make our server unique. We invite you to explore, test, and provide feedback, contributing to the evolution of Ragnaverse.

Here are the tasks you must complete to be eligible for the event.

  • Reach Level 80: Test your character's strength and perseverance by reaching the impressive level of 80!
  • Buy Mithril Ore Using Metamask: Dive into the world of commerce and demonstrate your trading skills by purchasing Mithril Ore using Metamask. Make sure to claim it in-game to become eligible.
  • Do Mining 20 Times: Put on your mining gear and explore the depths! Mine resources 20 times to prove your mining prowess.
  • Do Monster Hunting 5 Times: Sharpen your weapons and embark on a thrilling adventure! Hunt down monsters 20 times to show your combat skills.
  • Do Item Gathering 3 Times: Become a skilled gatherer! Collect items from the world around you 20 times to exhibit your resourcefulness.
  • Claim Daily Reward 1 Times: Visit the game daily and claim your rewards! Do this for five consecutive days to demonstrate your commitment.
  • Contribute to Odin's Blessings 1 Time: Strengthen the bonds with the divine! Contribute to Odin's Blessings at least once to earn the favor of the gods.

During this event Server Rates will be modified to

  • Base EXP: 30x
  • Job EXP: 30x
  • Drop EXP: 10x

Once You complete all these task You are Eligible to get the reward C. Protect Feather.


Thank you for being an essential part of our community, and we look forward to your active participation in the CBT Tester Event!

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