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Patch Notes #5


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Promotional Code First Round "RAGNAVERSEOBT2023"
First 500 Players Only and will Expire within 24 hours.

  • 1x Gym Pass
  • 1x Kafra Card Box 30
  • 1x Neuralizer
  • 2x Infinite Fly Wing 2H
  • 10x Buche De Noel

Patch Notes

  • Disable Vending in all maps except Prontera
  • Implemented Auto Trade ( Requires 200 Life Skill Points )
  • Added Bubble Gum ( Can be obtain through streamer giveaways )
  • Remove official job changer
  • fixed and update the requirements for Flying Angel Wing Artifacts
  • Added Fragments of Valkyrie in Streamer Giveaway Box
  • Added Streamer Supply NPC in Hall of The Gods


Odin's Blessing Rewards 

First Place

  • 500,000z
  • 1x All In One Ring Box 12H
  • 10 Light White Potion Box
  • 5 Light Blue Potion Box

Second Place

  • 300,000z
  • 1x All In One Ring Box 6H
  • 7 Light White Potion Box
  • 3 Light Blue Potion Box

Third Place

  • 100,000z
  • 1x All In One Ring Box 3H
  • 5 Light White Potion Box
  • 1 Light Blue Potion Box
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