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Patch Notes #8


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Patch Notes

  • Fixed Mining wherein stamina doesn't check properly
  • Added Infinite Fly Wing Box 4H, 8H and 12H to Mithril Shop
  • Gloria Now lasts for 90 Seconds and additional 20 seconds per Level.
  • Magnificat - Now, enhance the recovery rates for both HP and SP by 500%.
  • Impositio Manus - Now affect atk and mAtk
  • Magnus Exorcimus - Now affect all monster race
  • Removed forbidden Candle. 
  • Fixed announcement on refining equipment on +7 and above
  • added quiver npc, just go to payon,30,173 then enter. Talk to Inventor Jaax
  • Implemented a delay on auto-attack buff skills to prevent excessive skill spamming and depletion of SP.
  • Additional stamina from VIP is now implemented every 12 midnight, coinciding with the stamina reset.
  • Increase Bowling Bash Damage to 100% - PVM Only (for the mean time)
  • Increase Brandish Spear Damage to 200% - PVM Only (for the mean time)
  • Added AutoLoot Scroll to Premium Zeny NPC. Grants Access to Auto Loot id for Normal Accounts for 1 Day. Max of 1 Aloot ID only.
  • Implemented Autoloot Feature to all VIP Tier
  • Removed pre-registration milestone and CBT NPC
  • Battle Pass Season 2
  • Added Premium Blessing and Agility Scrolls in Mithril Shop

Upcoming updates

  • Mithril Costume Gatcha
  • Card Staking
  • Fix Brandish Spear on AutoAttack
  • Additional Artifacts
  • Streamer Shop
  • More skill enhancement
  • Streamer Exclusive Costume reward ( Only to Active current Streamers )
  • Partnership Announcement
  • Add 3D,7D VIP Scrolls
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