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Patch Notes #9


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Patch Notes

  • Two-hand quicken - increases attack speed, critical hit rate and hit rate with Two Handed Sword class weapons.
  • Adrenaline Rush - increases Attack Speed and hit rate with Axe and Mace class weapons.
  • Blessing - Now increase Hit (Skill Level * 2)
  • Added 1D(80php), 3D(240php) and 7D(420php) Diamond VIP Scrolls
  • Added Color Nick Scroll - Let's you change your color name
  • Fixed Brandish Spear on Auto Attack not showing in skill list
  • Reduce Streamer Potion weight from 10 - 3
  • Fixed Premium Agi and Bless Scroll on Auto Attack Buffs List

Upcoming updates

  • Wizard Skill revamp
  • Character Sell Feature
  • Jade System ( Upper Gear Enchantment )
  • Gear Score System
  • Mithril Costume Gatcha
  • Card Staking
  • Additional Artifacts
  • Streamer Shop
  • Streamer Exclusive Costume reward ( Only to Active current Streamers )
  • Partnership Announcement
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