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Patch Notes #13


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Patch Notes - Follow up Maintenance on Friday March 3 2024, 1am Onwards

  • Added SCISSORHAND MODEL in our Mithril Shop(Website Website).
  • Updated New Pet Scroll. Now has a chance of getting Epic and Rare Pet. More info on the Item description On Our Website.
  • Discounted New Pet Scroll Weekday SALE from 75 Mithril Ore to 60 worth of Mithril Ore(Website Only).
  • Selling of Mithril Ore to Mithril Coin on our website will be deployed on March 3, 2024. Players can now sell their Mithril Ore into Mithril Coin.
  • Level RuSSH Event Phase 1 will end on March 3, 2024 in preparation for our next Race Event.
  • MTC Shop website Integration. ( Completed )
  • Fixed teleport bug immunity on Auto Attack.
  • Disabled Dancing Dragon Event.
  • Dragon Fragments Exchanger will be available until End of The Month.
  • Implemented the 20k Fee on Mithril Ore Trader.
  • Fixed Sparkling Candy Box Item Restriction.
  • Added Boarding Halter Box 7D on Mithril Shop (Website).


Upcoming Patch

  • Minor Revamping on 2-2 Class
  • Level RuSSH Event Part 2
  • New Headgear and Costume Artifacts
  • Jade System ( Upper Gear Enchantment ) - Finalizing
  • Gear Score System
  • Emperium Breaker Event 
  • Fishing System
  • Card Staking
  • World Boss Event
  • Revamping Daily Quest Rewards
  • More to come..
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