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Scavenger Hunt Event


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Hello everyone,

The event will start on Sunday March 31, 2024 and will go until April 14, 2024!

What your mission will be? Go forth and collect the Poring Coins from these monsters. All monster have a 30% chance to drop it.

  • Phen
  • Raydric
  • Evil Druid
  • Nightmare
  • Frilldora
  • Alligator
  • Skeleton Worker
  • Matyr
  • Sting
  • Marc
  • vitata
  • Sohee
  • khalitzburg
  • argiopes
  • skel prisoner
  • archer skeleton
  • wraith
  • majororous
  • megalith
  • horong
  • Giearth
  • Verit
  • diabolic

The items all players collect are summed up together and determine which prizes all participants of the event gets.
So the more Poring Coins (non-tradable) all players collect together the more and better prizes you can unlock!
These are the prices you can earn:

40,000 Poring Coins - 10 x Elite Siege Box
60,000 Poring Coins - 20 x Light Blue Potion Box
100,000 Poring Coins - 1 x 7D C Eleanor Wig Box
150,000 Poring Coins - 1 x 3D Diamond VIP
250,000 Poring Coins - 1 x Gym Pass Box
400,000 Poring Coins - 1 x 15D Rental C Happy Balloon Box

Everyone that contributes at least 3,000 Poring Coins is eligible to get the prizes you all unlocked together.
To check the current state of the contributions made by all players and your own contribution you can use the @contribution command.

That's it for now, good luck and happy hunting!

This is the initial release of the event. We can adjust this on our future events! RoK On!

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