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Ragnaverse - Character Sell Feature

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Hey fellow Ragnaverse,

Exciting news! The Raganverse has just rolled out a brand new feature that allows players to sell their in-game characters!
This is a fantastic opportunity for those looking to part ways with their beloved avatars or for those seeking a powerful character to join their ranks.

Important Note for Sellers: To ensure a smooth transaction and prevent any item loss, please make sure your account is offline during the character sale process.

Here's a quick rundown of the requirements for both buyers and sellers:

Buyer Requirements:

  • 1x Character Trade Permit: Obtainable through in-game vendors or special events, the Character Trade Permit is your key to acquiring a new character. Make sure you have one before initiating a purchase.

Seller Requirements:

  • 3x Bradium: This rare and valuable resource is required to facilitate the character selling process. You can obtain Bradium through Mining.
  • 1000 Life Skill Points: Showcase your dedication to the game by accumulating 1000 Life Skill Points. This requirement ensures that sellers have invested time and effort into developing their characters.

How It Works:

  • Ensure your account is offline to prevent any potential item loss during the transaction.
  • As a seller, gather the necessary resources: 3x Bradium and 1000 Life Skill Points.
  • Buyer should have at least 1¬†Character Trade Permit.
  • Initiate the trade using the in-game trade interface, following the specified steps.
  • Once the transaction is complete, both parties can enjoy their newly acquired characters or resources.

Tips for a Successful Trade:

  • Communicate clearly with the buyer to avoid any misunderstandings.
  • Double-check that both parties meet the requirements before initiating the trade.
  • Be cautious and only trade with trusted players to ensure a secure transaction.
  • Feel free to use this forum thread to discuss your character trade experiences, share tips, or inquire about potential trades. Let's make the Raganverse character market a vibrant and thriving community!

Happy trading, and may your characters find new adventures in the hands of their new owners!

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