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Patch Notes #10


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Patch Notes

  • Fixed Pharaoh Mob spawn
  • Implemented Monster HP Bar
  • Implemented Character Sell Feature
  • Added Insurance Box on Mithril Shop - Buff Section
  • Implemented Protect Egg Scroll Recycler - Just talk to Universal Exchanger NPC
  • Wizard Skill Revamp - Skill Modification
  • Pet Egg Scroll Discount - Now at 50 Mithril Ore From 75 Mithril Ore. Promotion will last until End of The Month.
  • [EPIC] Owl Barron Pet - change 3rd line from cast not interruptible to Reduces all skill's after-cast delay by 15%. 
  • Pet System - Removed reduction of intimacy every time a player dies
  • Purchase Mithril Ore Event - Check Discord for more info


Upcoming updates

  • Jade System ( Upper Gear Enchantment )
  • Gear Score System
  • Card Staking
  • Additional Artifacts
  • Streamer Shop
  • Streamer Exclusive Costume reward ( Only to Active current Streamers ) 
  • MTC Shop integrated on our Web site.
  • Zeny Based Gatcha Costume.
  • World Boss Event.
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